Natto-caster Maleficent (soundofsilence) wrote in hot_sauce,
Natto-caster Maleficent

Haha!! A hot sauce community!
Well, my obsession really started when I became vegetarian and was appalled at the blandness of meat substitutes. First it was just a few drips of tabasco on this or that, but it soon escalated out of control and could now be considered one of my major food groups. I also enjoy salsa to a great extent. Unlike the below poster, I really like frank's (x-tra hot), especially on "soy nuggets"..tortilla chips.. People actually get upset at the amount of sauce I put on things. I think I've probably murdered all of my tastebuds, but life goes on, and I happen to like it hot. Plus most peppers have anti-oxidant benefits.
That's about all I have to say, apart from the fact that I am greatly entertained by the fact that there's a group for the hot sauce enthusiasts of the world.
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