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That's right...

About a week ago, I made my first two batches of hot sauce. A hot red habanero sauce, and a milder green jalapeno sauce. I have been letting them sit for the past week so that the flavours could really mingle. But last night, I decided to take the plunge and try it out. I was having some soup for dinner, so I figured I would add some of the jalapeno sauce to it. Why not? Not sure just how hot (or not) it would be, I took a dallop on my finger and tried it straight. I must say that for a first attempt, I was pleasantly surprised. The heat was slow to hit; when it did it wasn't a strong sharp sting, but rather a broad sort of tingle. And while that was kicking in, I got to enjoy the flavours; the jalapeno flavour was front and center, which I don't notice as much in commercial green sauces. The mix of other flavours didn't take away from it at all. It was really good, and really fresh tasting. After the taste test, I added it to the soup. It didn't seem to have too much of an effect until I was about halfway through the bowl. Then a gentle wave of spice developed, and it was the perfect bit of heat to complement the meal. Even better was that because of the oil I used in my recipe, the heat lingered for long after the meal was finished. Not at all in an "I need a drink" or tongue-hanging-out kind of way, but in a comfortable glowing sort of way.

I am quite pleased with how that turned out. Tonight, I may try the habanero sauce, which I expect to pack a bigger punch.
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